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FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, meaning questions which are frequently asked and their answers.

The reading of the field information with the function "RSGetFieldInfoByIdx" takes quite some time with large tables of disproportionate length (by 225 Spalten, ca. 1 Info/Second), smaller tables are read much more quickly (>10 Info/Second).

You can increase the speed at which data is read by specifying the preliminary RSOpenByName as OpenType "SnapShot." By default, a Dynaset will be opened which can also be edited. The Snapshot then gives the values from the table which it reads.

Will license fees accrue for self-created Runtime applications with your database module when it is given or sold to a third party?

With our Dao-Toolkit, you can create and distribute programs without any restrictions or license fees. Only with regards to the source code is a renewed "developer license" necessary. A license is also necessary if you hand over the functions of our toolkit in your program or make them available to others. Something on the lines of creating a new Dll-interface layer with the help of LabView which only gives our tools to other parties suffices to require a new license.

I receive an error message when I open a database with your tool. With my Access (2000), I am able to open the database without any problems. The error message is error=3343, "unrecognized database format."

On your system, the database drivers for ACCESS 97 and Access 2000 are installed. By default, our tool tries to open the database with the Access97 driver. This preference for the Access97 driver is stored in the function "DAOInit." If one sets up the DAO-Version 3.6 (corresponds to Access2000) as the default, Access2000 databases can also be opened using our tool. Warning: Older databases will be converted into new database formats depending on settings!

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