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Database Access Objects (DAO) is an interface as defined by Microsoft designed for access to databases. DAO accesses MS-Access databases directly and quickly over the so-called JetEngine function. All other databases are addressed through the known ODBC driver. The DAO library is object oriented as C++ class and only available for the 32 Bit platforms Windows 9x/2000 and Windows NT as well as their successors. All necessary system libraries are however delivered with the DAO Toolkit so that this interface can be used even without an installed database product. You can therefore create, read, and write Access databases on a computer on which no Office suite is installed.


  • Access to MS-Access databases over the quick JetEngine
  • Together with the JetEngine Vers. 3.6, we also support databases in Access2000 formats
  • Access to other databases over ODBC drivers
  • Over 200 VI’s for all conceiveable operations with databases of "object oriented" LabVIEW design, typical pointer helps prevent progamming errors
  • Online assistance as VI-Help, extra references
  • Support of all data types incl. "BLOB" (Binary Large Object) for the saving of binary data (curves) in a database field
  • Sample programs facilitate the start-up

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