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In order to enlarge our team, we are looking for development engineers.
We favor university graduates of technical branches.

We envision the followiong job specifications:

  • You have experience with LabVIEW and/or LabWindows/CVI,
  • You have at least basic knowledge in C/C++,
  • Ideally, you have one of the developper certificates CLA / CLD / CCVID,
  • Ideally, you have basic backgound in electrical and measurement technology,
  • You enjoy technical challenges,
  • You can speak and write German,
  • You are not afraid of direct contact to your clients.

You can expect projects in the areas of measurement and automation technology. Your duties include (according to the size of the projects): the creation of software concepts, technical implementation into hardware and software, launch of the product at the customer's location, and collaboration in project teams.

What we offer:

  • An interesting, varied job,
  • A worplace in a relaxed environment with occasional "excursions" to customers,
  • An introduction to the challenging tasks within our innovative team.

Should this offer appeal to you, then entrust your CV and cover letter in to us: info(at)xon.de.

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